"Planning is bringing the future into the present so that you can do something about it now."

- Alan Lakein

About Us

Clearpath EPM is a Division of Clearpath Global and is responsible for domestic and international risk and security consulting services.  Our corporate philosophy is to focus extensive efforts on the preventive and preparedness aspects of the emergency planning cycle, thus readying our clients for the majority of emergencies or crises they will face in any environment.  Our consultants and staff have proven expertise in the international risk management, investigations and security fields.  Clearpath EPM services include on-site consulting as well as cutting edge, on-line emergency planning management support.

The Clearpath EPM Team

Mike Johnson - A former U.S. Government Senior Manager with multiple tours as a Regional Security Officer (RSO) working in high threat security environments; past and present school crisis planning and security trainer and facilitator with the Principals Training Center (PTC), the Academy for International School Heads (AISH), the Association of American Schools in South America (AASSA), and the Tri-Association;  provided crisis planning and security training to more than 140 international school leaders from around the world; Certified Protection Professional (CPP) awarded by ASIS International, the world's leading professional security association.

Bruce Mills - Former U.S. State Department Regional Security Officer (RSO) with over 25 years experience providing safety and security assistance and advice and crisis management planning for government, corporate, NGOs and schools in every region of the world; post government career of senior executive and consultative positions at major international corporations; Certified Protection Professional (CPP).

Pat Handly - Former international school Principal at three international schools; twenty year leadership trainer and facilitator with the Principals Training Center; International school consultant focusing on building safe and caring school communities.

Scott Tholan - Former U.S. State Department Foreign Service Officer with multiple international assignments; post government career as international commercial businessman with extensive experience in challenging environments providing global research and competitive intelligence support and products to multi-national clients.

Francey Hakes - Former career federal prosecutor and a leading child protection expert. Now CEO of her own consulting firm, Francey provides advice, counsel and expert witness services to schools, firms, law enforcement, governments and others on the protection of children. Francey collaborates with Clearpath EPM on the design, implementation and evaluation of Child Protection elements of Clearpath EPM's Safety and Security Assessment Program and other Child Protection initiatives.

The Extended Clearpath EPM Team

Clearpath EPM has a cadre of school security and child protection experts who support our partners worldwide.


We are proud of the relationships we develop with our clients. See below for the many kind words they have to say about us:

"Clearpath EPM were very responsive, professional, dedicated, knowledgeable, and most of all useful. The consultant worked early mornings and late nights to get a true picture of our campus safety and security and left us with a very comprehensive report. We have since created an action plan and are working through the recommendations in order of priority. The pre and post visit service has also been exemplary. We are very satisfied with our partnership with Clearpath EPM." - Dr. Andy Davies – Head of School, International School Bangkok

"The American International School of Muscat (TAISM) received exceptional service from Clearpath EPM during its recent audit of our security and safety programs. The Clearpath representative was attentive to our needs from the first steps of planning and conducting the audit and reported back to us in a timely manner. Most importantly, the consultant had expertise with international schools abroad and applied his own personal experience as a security professional and as a parent of children in overseas schools in understanding our issues. Student safety is their highest priority. The report provided from Clearpath was exactly what we needed to set out our strategic plan for security and safety at TAISM." - Kevin Schafer, School Director, The American International School of Muscat

"When school leaders from around the region contact me for assistance with their safety, security, emergency preparedness and child protection programs, I routinely refer them to the consultants at Clearpath EPM. The Clearpath team understands the school environment and our unique needs. They provide practical and succinct advice, as well as training, based on their extensive international risk management experience and current "best practices". They have a proven capability that frankly, is unrivaled." - Paul Poore, Executive Director, AASSA